Enviratest Environmental Testing Services

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Sci. D., Capt. USN (RET)

EMFacts Consultancy, Don Maisch

The Monroe Institute

National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF)

BEMI-Better Electromagnetic Environment (Clas Tegenfeldt–Sweden)

Coghill Research Laboratories – (Roger Coghill — U.K.)

The Cold Body Page: Chronic Sub-Clinical Hypothermia & Wilson’s Syndrome

EMSciTek Consulting (Bill Curry)

Independent Australian Investigative Journalist (Stewart Fist — EMF issues)

Metabolism & Fibromyalgia (Dr. John C. Lowe)

Microshield – cellphone RF radiation shields for head protection

Microwave News (Lewis Slesin)

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Nzine (New Zealand news mag about EMF/EMR bioeffects)

The Institute For Molecular Medicine, Gulf War/Chronic Fatigue

Hemex Laboratories, Inc., Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

The EMR Network

Electromagnetic Fields 101 — The Basics

International Institute for Bau-biology & Ecology, Inc

Body Fields USA, Inc (Quantron Resonance System Pulsed EMF Therapy)

Body Fields USA, Inc (Magnopro System Pulsed EMF Therapy)

EMR Safety Network International


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