Partial List of Other Publications

“BioElectroMagnetics-2003 Health Effects Update,” a 127 page international anthology of articles about electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) cases, research, and tie-ins to fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity and systemic hypothyroidism therapy. Also contains articles on prudent avoidance of EMFs, cell phone hazards, computer screen dermatitis (rosacea) and many useful references. Revised May 2003.

“Biosystem Liquid Crystals: Several Hypotheses Relating To Interacting Mechanisms Which May Explain Biosystem & Human Hypersensitivities to Electric & Magnetic Fields, Project Abstracts, Pg. 76 of DOE/EPRI “Annual Review of Research on Biological Effects of Electric & Magnetic Fields From The Generation, Delivery & Use of Electricity,” San Antonio, TX, Nov 1996.

“Embodiment Of A Sacred Vision: John E. Fetzer Institute,” in Dialogues With The Living Earth: New Ideas on the Spirit of Place from Designers, Architects, & Innovators, an anthology by Jim Swan, Quest Books, Wheaton, IL , November 1996.

“Electromagnetic Fields: How Dangerous?,” in Frontier Perspectives, Vol. 3, No. 1, Pg. 22,.The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University, Philadelphia PA, Fall, 1992.

“A Modern Scientific Interpretation of the Relationship Between the Earth’s Environmental Fields and Human Health,” in The Power of Place: Sacred Ground in Natural & Human Environments, by J. Swan, Quest Books, Theosophical Pub. House, Wheaton, IL, May 1991.

“Bioelectromagnetics: Yesterday’s Superstition — Tomorrow’s Science.” “BEMI Currents,” Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute Newsletter, V. 1, No. 1, Spring 1989.

“Act: Ionize Your Environment,” in Journal of Holistic Medicine, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 103-123, Human Sciences Press, New York, NY, Fall/Winter 1980.

“The Formerly ‘Supernatural’: Electrical & Psi Fields in Medical Anthropology.” in “Extrasensory Ecology: Parapsychology & Anthropology,” pp. 96-125, by J. K. Long, The Scarecrow Press, Inc., Metuchen, NJ, 1977.

“The Synthesis Between Psychiatry, Biology, Technology, & Mysticism,” in “Psychiatry & Mysticism,” pp. 153-174, by S. R. Dean, M.D., Nelson-Hall Inc., Publishers, Chicago, IL, 1975.

“The Electrophysiology of Acupuncture: How Terrestrial Electric & Magnetic Fields Influence Air Ion Energy Exchanges through Acupuncture Points,” paper by Ed Maxey, M.D., & J. Beal, Research Engineer, Miami Heart Institute. Proceedings of 7th International Biometeorological Congress, College Park MD, August 1975.

“Emergence of Paraphysics: Research & Applications,” in “Psychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science,” pp. 426-447, by Edgar D. Mitchell, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, Pub., NY, 1974.

“The New Bio-Technology,” in “Frontiers of Consciousness,” pp. 213-228, by John White, Julian Press, Inc., NY, 1974.

“Field Effects, Known & Unknown, Associated With Living Systems,” Feature Session Proceedings of the 1974 IEEE Intercon Convention, New York, NY, 26-29 March 1974.

“Electrostatic Fields, Electromagnetic Fields, & Ions,” in Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields, pp. 5-20, by J. G. Llaurado,, Chas. C. Thomas Pub. Co., Springfield, IL, 1974. Also “Workshop on Magnetic-Electric Fields & Environment,” pp. 321-328.

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