BioElectroMagnetics Health Effects Update



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Contents (128 pgs., © 2005)

Editorial: Overview Comments & Definition of Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Bioelectromagnetics: Current Risks & Concerns

Electromagnetism & Environmental Illness: Symptoms, Surveys & Household Hints

International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology, Inc.: Info, Seminars, Inspector, Training in Detection of Air, Water, Materials, and EMF Health Hazards

The Buzzstick: For Prudent Avoidance of EMFs: Constructing An Inexpensive Sonic Detector To Estimate Electric and Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home and Work Areas

Making the Case For Prudent Avoidance: Strategies for Decisions

Contacts For Support & Information

On Treating Symptoms & Not The Causes: A Poetic Satire

Human Sensitivities To Electrical & Electromagnetic Fields

— Summaries of Possible Interacting Mechanisms — Effects Associated With EMFs

— Human Reactions to EMFs — Electrosensitivity In Sweden

Stress, Health Issues (Primarily For Women) , & Potential Therapies

— Hypothyroidism, Type II (Systemic Thyroid T3 Resistance) & Wilson’s Syndrome

—Locked-in “Fight or Flight” Complications from Body, Mind & Spirit Stresses

— Potential Inter/Inner Relationships of EHS with Gulf War Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chemical

Therapeutic, Pulsed EMF, Quantron Resonance, Systems (QRS)

Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue, & Other Immune System Dysfunctions

— Latest Research Status & Successful Pilot Study Results!

— Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync(tm) Stress Reduction Sound Therapy

— T3 Thyroid Hormone “Shock Therapy — Start-Up Dosing Schedules & Cautions

Cell Phone Health Issues

— Cell Phone Adverse Health Concerns –Head Exposure Microwave Power Ratings Compared

— Dangers of Microwave Radiation — Low Frequency, High Tension — Of Mice & Men

Recent Research in Bioelectromagnetics: From DOE/EPRI Annual Review of Research on Bioeffects of Electric & Magnetic Fields From the Generation, Delivery & Use of Electricity

Recent Books Of Interest: More about Health, Melatonin and EMF Effects




Presented at the Whole Person Health Summit 2005, in the Thematic Program “Electromagnetic, Acoustic, and Optical Healing”, Washington, D.C., April 2005.

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Contents (23 pgs, ©2005)

It was proposed that Precambrian earth may have supplied intense electric and magnetic fields, as environmental factors and catalytic energy sources, for the beginning and subsequent evolution of living systems

Life cannot exist without evolution of the environmental energy detection, storage and transmission capabilities of the living cell, which contains a variety of biological liquid crystal (LC) forms. The lipid molecules of all biological membranes exist in various LC states, providing a matrix for information storage and environmental sensing. LCs may provide fundamental support and detection mechanisms for electric and magnetic fields. This includes sound and light, and may explain quantum-level sensitivity in some cases.

Hypotheses were presented for several complementary, interacting mechanisms, which tend to support the development of LC electric and magnetic field detection and transmitting capabilities in all living systems.


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