In this website and in the publication, and CD described herein, I have primarily stressed the potentially hazardous biological interactions with the artificial EMF and natural (geomagnetic) environments in which we live and work. However, if uncontrolled EMFs can cause health problems, then EMF therapies of controlled specific pulse-type (sharp rise time or square-wave) waveforms and pulse rate frequencies can, based on over 35 years of research: (1) induce sleep, (2) suppress pain, (3) ease depression, (4) improve tissue and bone growth healing. (the first FDA-approved magnetic therapy device for non-healing fractures used these types of low intensity fields), (5) alter cell membrane permeability, and, (6) stimulate immune system activity. It appears that PEMF therapies are rapidly emerging as a more natural basic approach to healing and immune system stimulation, as an adjunct to more effective drug treatment and with fewer potential side effects. Electromagnetic therapies appear to be rapidly emerging as the medicine of the future.

In recent years people have been asking for a more realistic and holistic approach to health maintenance. Scientists are now focusing their attention on the beginnings of the disease process (prevention), rather than on alleviating the symptoms. Poor health and dysfunction ultimately begin at the cellular level of the human body. It seems we are only as healthy as our cells.

It is estimated there are around 70 billion cells in the human body. Through normal wear and tear, millions of them must be regenerated every minute of the day and night. We are now familiar with the concept that ultimately everything is energy. We see this demonstrated by both the electrical and magnetic components basic to functioning of the human body. A healthy human cell has a trans-membrane charge of 70 to 90 millivolts, but the charge in unhealthy cells can be lower than 40 millivolts. At that level, the cell is unable to carry out its complex metabolic functions.

It is difficult for an unhealthy person to restore this cell energy in our modern day society. We have sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, are mentally and physically stressed and live with the interference of the man-made high-frequency magnetic fields of cell phones, televisions, computers, power lines, etc. This unnatural and stressful environment exceeds by many times the earth’s electromagnetic field variations. The artificial fields interfere with and swamp the sensitive balance and information exchange of the electromagnetic components of our bodies and cells. This is a balance and information exchange for health and survival, established over billions of years of evolutionary development, within the low intensity natural earth field patterns into which we and other creatures evolved.



With the introduction of the QRS, the results of recharging the cells to their correct level of function are extremely beneficial and often dramatic: the entire cell metabolism is stimulated: blood cells are regenerated and the blood supply moves more freely with more oxygen; the immune system is strengthened; vitamins and minerals are better absorbed; the respiratory system becomes more efficient; the nervous system is relaxed; bone structure becomes more dense and organs such as the liver, kidneys and spleen are able to rid themselves of impurities.

The QRS is programmed to imitate nature in its pure form, i.e., the electromagnetic fields of our planet and the delicate balance of the electrical & magnetic processes, which cause actions in our bodies on a cellular level. What we are seeing with the assistance of the QRS is the power of the body to reclaim its natural state of health once cell energy is restored.

Static vs. Pulsed Magnetics (by Dr. G. Fischer, Co-inventor Quantron Resonance System): Static magnets produce a constant magnetic field, not depending on time factors. The Quantron Resonance System, QRS, produces a time-variable magnetic field, so the induced mechanical force generated by the electromagnetic field changes too.

For a medical therapy, you need variable (in time and frequencies) magnetic fields.

Static magnets only push the ions at the vessel walls. The inflow of ions in to the cells (one of the QRS patents) is only induced by pulsed magnetic fields (references: Andrew A. Marino, “Modern Bioelectricity” and also Thews “Vegetative Physiology”) Furthermore, pulsed EMF (in particular the 200 hertz frequency of the QRS impulse) produces resonance and thus influence in the erythrocyte membrane and so enhances the blood stream tension with release of nitric oxide (NO).


Erythrocyte: a red blood cell, formed in the red bone marrow and, in all mammals, lacking a nucleus: it contains hemoglobin and transports oxygen to all tissues of the body.

Nitric oxide: (NO) is a gas that transmits signals in the organism. Signal transmission by a gas that is produced by one cell, penetrates through membranes and regulates the function of another cell represents an entirely new principle for signaling in biological systems. For the discovery of nitromono-oxygen as a signal molecule for the cardiovascular system, Robert F. Furchgott, Ferid Murad, and Louis J. Ignarro (USA) were awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine.

For information on effective treatments of the Quantron Resonance System contact the distributor, Body Fields USA, Inc., at , For rental, purchase or financing details, please contact dealer, James B. Beal, EMF Interface Consulting, POB 2112, Wimberley, TX 78676-7012, Ph: (512) 847-0371, Email: EMFEFFECTS, Website:


Mason, R., “Magnets, Meridians, & Energy Medicine: An Interview with William Pawluk, M.D., M.Sc.”, Alternative Complementary Therapies, Vol. 8, No. 2, April 2003.

Please check out the Wired News Lycos Med Tech Center website for recent items of interest:,1286,51699,00.html

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See Body Fields Website for details on the following research:


Pain Reduction Studies 1 & 2, Presented at two conferences in Austrian.. “Using Magnetic Fields to Increase Flexibility and Reduce Pain with Respect to Ailments of the Ambulatory Apparatus.”, By Dr. W. Kobinger, Dr. G. Fischer, Dr. T. Barovic, Dr. Z. Turk, Dr. N. Skat, Dr. D. Zivac., July & November 1995. Studies conducted at Marburg Teaching Hospital, Drau (Slovakia) and the Institute of Hygiene, Graz University (Austria).

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For information on effective treatments of the Quantron Resonance System contact the distributor, Body Fields USA, Inc., at , For rental, purchase or financing details, please contact dealer, James B. Beal, EMF Interface Consulting, POB 2112, Wimberley, TX 78676-7012, Ph: (512) 847-0371, Email: EMFEFFECTS, Website:

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How is Magnopro different than the QRS?: The Magnopro is being manufactured by a Body Fields sister company in. Australia. We are the manufacturers and sole importers in the US and Canada.

With the Magnopro you can use the pillow and mat at the same time. You just push the general button you want and the time and intensity is automatically set. Most of the time, most individuals will use Program 1 for Heart and Blood Circulation. This is like the Basis Program on the QRS. The Magnopro is very similar to the QRS except for one detail. Program 4 for discomfort and body aches is 3 times stronger than the QRS

The Magnopro is user friendly with the ability to see exactly what each button is used for with a little symbolic picture. The carrying case is included with a zip off briefcase to easily transport the small pillow and control box on short trips.

The QRS is really geared toward sick people with many complications who need the research information, protocols, talking to Dr. Pawluk and the national teleconference calls… a lot of hand holding and follow-up

The comparison of the two products is quite simple.

Program 1 Heart & Blood Circulation Setting on Magnopro for15 minutes…= Basis Program on QRS

Program 2 Relaxation & Sleep Setting on Magnopro for 15 minutes………..= Relax Program on QRS

Program 3 Activation Setting on Magnopro for 15 minutes………………….= Vital Program on QRS

Program 4 Discomfort Setting on Magnopro for 15 minutes………… ……..= Basis Setting 9, 10 & Vital Program on QRS

Program 5 Regeneration Setting on Magnopro for 30 minutes, combining 15 minutes of Program 2, then 15 minutes of Program 3, to relax the body and then give it a boost. Ideally, this would probably be the best program for someone trying the Magnopro for the first time and for use in a clinical setting.

The QRS has a double saw tooth wave form. The Magnopro has a spiked wave form. Generally, there are frequencies in the Magnopro added to what is offered in the QRS. As there is a patent pending, what I can tell you is that the Magnopro does contain more of the lower frequencies, typically in the range of frequencies of the human electroencephalogram (EEG).

The QRS is 30 microTesla (300 milliGause) as it’s highest magnetic field strength. The Magnopro is 24 microTesla (240 milliGause) at it’s highest magnetic field strength, except for Program 4, which is 3 times as strong as the QRS. For comparison, the earth’s magnetic field strength averages around 50 microTesla (500milliGause).

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For information on effective treatments of the Magnopro System, contact the distributor, Body Fields USA, Inc., at , For rental, purchase or financing details, please contact dealer, James B. Beal, EMF Interface Consulting, POB 2112, Wimberley, TX 78676-7012, Ph: (512) 847-0371, Email: EMFEFFECTS, Website:

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